We Are The Roving Eye

Roving Eye is a small community of photographers originating from, or with strong links to, the East Yorkshire city of Hull, who are all actively engaged across a wide range of photographic disciplines and genres… Whilst existing primarily to promote the work of our own members through public exhibitions and other related assignments and events, we also hope that engagement with ‘us’ and ‘our’ work helps to encourage ‘others’ to consider picking-up the photographic-cudgel…

We are as follows – Andrew Welford / Darren Rogers / David Drasdo / George Norris / Jason Paul Gray / Kevin Rudeforth / Leila Reeves / Pen Lister / Philip Dyson / Phill Clarkson / Sean Welch / Steve Cobby. Please note that membership is currently by invite only; though we may be open to lobbying and or persuasion. Thank you.

Roving Eye strongly advocates the act of ‘seeing’ as an aid to good-health and well-being. You can also join with Roving Eye on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Vimeo.