“My art teacher at school said to me “Phill Clarkson, you have the passion but you cannot draw or paint to save your life, you should consider the world of abstraction or photography”. I ignored this advice and decided upon a career in sales instead. Many motorway miles and many years later a friend lent me a ‘decent’ camera, and I was hooked… for life. I see the world in pictures. The sales patter, briefcase and company car are long gone and now my only income comes via my camera, from weekend wedding photography commissions or from the sales of my photographic and digital-art prints in British galleries and through the world wide web.”


Phill Clarkson works in both colour and black & white. Here is a selection of his recent work. You can click on a thumbnail to access the lightbox gallery.


I have two websites covering the pleasure and business aspects of my life as a photographer, they are, pleasure first… and then my wedding photography business which you can visit at


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