Based in Markham Ontario (Canada), and as a Hairstylist working on fashion and beauty shoots, Philip Dyson’s curiosity developed into a growing passion for photography. Photographing nature was accidental. Always an early riser, extending the route for coffee with the camera seemed natural. Living in Southern Ontario summer in particular is short and sweet. Activity and colour is everywhere. Autumn is incredible, colours change in minutes as the light manipulates the saturation and hues of every shape and form. “It’s tough to explain my fascination with the natural world,I just love getting out there..totally immersed..almost lost in it all..that’s when its real..that’s when you connect..”

But Philip explores 2 very different sides of photography – Nature and man-made beauty. For him beauty is a process, a natural extension of his “day job” hairdressing. On a daily basis Philip manipulates, cuts and coaxes hair into shapes, shapes which by design emphasize the beauty of his client. Philip constantly analyzes the subtlest changes in angle, length and texture of the hair he is working with to help create the most aesthetically pleasing styles possible. It is because of this close interaction and relationship with ‘man-made’ beauty that Philip felt it only natural that he should use his camera to record the results of his own work, his creations, his own man-made beauty.



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