Leila Reeves

Leila Reeves


Leila Reeves “Born in Bristol..1975. Came to Hull to visit for 2 weeks…that was in 2000, I’m still here.”

Mum, science technician, photographer… “We look, we remember. Recording this with the immediacy of a camera, fits for me. The expression comes in the after fact. Dissection, manipulation of these images…these instant, visual records. My work is everyday. This is my life. It’s full…it’s progressing. I opened a box…


Leila Reeves talks about her show at Kardomah94 in Hull, June 2015. A film by Mal Williamson.


Below is a small selection of mostly mobile-phone photography by Leila Reeves. You can click on any of the thumbnails to activate the ‘lightbox’ gallery… thank you


You can email Leila at lreeves@rovingeye.net – thank you