David Drasdo

David Drasdo


David has been fascinated by photography since the 1960’s, when he used to rescue negatives from the kitchen bin where his dad would throw them after returning from the chemist with the holiday snaps. His first proper camera, a Praktica MTL3 was bought in the late 70’s and was soon followed by an upgrade to a Pentax ME Super and then his own darkroom which was set up in the kitchen after tea.

After a gap of over 15 years due to family stuff David Drasdo came back to photography to find everything had gone digital. Cue a 6 week introductory course on digital photography, closely followed by a BTech at Hull College to bring him up to speed and away he went again. After trying most subjects and genres, David seems to be leaning more and more towards a street/documentary/reportage style photography. Although he still does have a keen interest in all types of landscape photography.


“Wikipedia describes street photography, my personal favourite, as ‘photography that features the human condition within public places’. Sounds about right to me. I’m always fascinated by people and in all the varying forms they come in. I could sit for hours watching them come and go in all there different shapes and sizes all with different stories to tell…

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