Darren Rogers – Ocular Art

Photograph by Mike Lickiss

The urban environment has been an intrinsic obsession for over two decades; it has become a visceral and emotive influence on all my artistic output, be it painting, drawing, graphics or photography.

Spending years photographing the surfaces of walls, random sgraffito, the torn layers of billboards and the dynamic landscape of the city, my work has always aimed to integrate the fundamental elements of fine art whilst depicting a narrative. Using a lens to construct and compose an image within situ became as important as the act of painting itself. My influences range from all aspects of the arts, the layering of images from Rauschenberg, the constructivist influence of the cubists and Hockney and the disrupted compositions of Leiter.

The aim is to take an image and re-appropriate it to reflect the traditional fine art of painting and drawing. The post production process draws upon my intrinsic desire to manipulate and disrupt the image as a construct were once I used a traditional language of mark making, I now engage with elements of the digital in order to create a new seamless and merged vocabulary.

Set against a backdrop of the urban city scape, hidden within shadows and reflected in windows I seek to capture the human condition and chance encounters that takes place. Metaphorically holding a mirror up to societies face and reflecting our social disposition and values.


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You can also find Darren on Instagram or email him at drogers@rovingeye.net


Photograph of Darren Rogers by Mike Lickiss


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