“I loved photography from the first time I picked up a camera as a young man. But raising a family and working full-time in various profession’s meant that for these years my photography was just a hobby. Luckily during this period in my life I was able to develop and refine my skills both creatively and technically; and experiment with the styles and subject-matter that truly inspired me. Then a friend suggested wedding photography to me as means of earning some money, and so I gave it a go – and now with the hands-on experience of over 100 commissions under my belt; weddings shot in venues all over the country and in every lighting and weather condition imaginable, I am able to earn my living as a full-time professional wedding photographer. I have recently extended my professional services to include funerals, plus commercial, and portrait photography. Roving Eye is where I indulge in my passion for landscape and other forms of creative photography”


Wedding Photography

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