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About Me

Have camera will wander… more about me, soon. Infact that might be all I actually have to say, The photographs within the Roving Eye pages speak better about what I can and do do than would lines and lines of un-focussed waffle, which is something I have a tendency to do on the page… In the real world I can be less forthcoming, apparently… though I was once called a ‘chatterbox’.


Born in 1961, got my first real camera (Fujica STX-1) at 18ish, took-up developing black and white photographs with friends in the back/bed rooms of our parents houses, struggled always with the cost and limitations of film in regards to how many pictures could be taken at any one time. more soon.

Liberated by the advent of digital

I was indeed.


I also have a ‘shop’ on Etsy selling a selection of my prints if you prefer to use that platform. My shop is called TheSnapperMan, you should visit one day.