New Things

I have added some new pictures to my For Sale gallery, as well as removing some of the older ones. But rather than discarding them completely I have created a archive (most likely the wrong word but it is the one I am using for now) page which lists/contains all the prints which are available to buy – though to be honest if you see any image in any of my other galleries which you would like to purchase just contact me and I’m pretty sure we can get it done….

The ‘archive’ page is imaginatively called the Sale Archive and can be located in the ‘extras’ menu.

Thank you.

Pave exhibition

Our first exhibition has begun at the Pave bar in Hull, each of us are showing two of our favourite photographs as a gentle ‘hello’ to the unsuspecting world. My two photographs were taken in Goole in and around the dock area, one is of the famous ‘salt and pepper’ pots, the other is a green door, i like doors. You can see all the pictures on show in >> this gallery << on the main Roving Eye website. We hope to have more exhibitions in future. I think I should have another solo one soon too.


Today I will be mostly removing the old galleries and creating new ones, please bear with me if things disappear before your very eyes during this shake-up, it is just me fiddling and tweaking and making things very much better. Or at least that is the plan. I thank you x

Spurn Point

*Please note that this gallery no longer exists. Thank you.

On a jaunty day-out to Spurn Point with fellow Roving Eye photographers Phillip Clarkson and Andrew Welford I took some photographs and remembered how lucky we were… You used to be able to see a selection of images from this trip in my ‘Spurn gallery’ but I deleted it.

*Spurn Point (or Spurn Head Spit as it is also known) is a narrow sand spit on the tip of the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire, England that reaches into the North Sea and forms the north bank of the mouth of the Humber estuary.

The Swan

This swan was angry, it had children hiding under a ornate bridge on a East Yorkshire caravan park and wasn’t keen on anyone passing-by no matter how innocent they were. The image flickers in me misremembered distant memories of the pictures relatives had on their walls in the 60s and 70s…