A sort of concise list

In Between Blinks

May 2018 – There are no more details for this exhibition, it currently only exists as a small poke in the backs of our minds, a small memory of something to aim for.

Once the photographs have been selected and contributed a online-gallery of the work will be prepared for this website.

We Are The Roving Eye

April 4th / May 2nd 2016 – The inaugural photography exhibition by the whole Roving Eye collective featuring 24 (2 each) of our current favourite photographs. This show at the ‘Pave‘ bar on Princes Avenue, Hull, was intended as our first polite ‘hello’ to the unknowing world, a gentle wave, a first breath on a hopefully long journey.

See more information and a gallery of images from the exhibition of April / May 2016 entitled ‘We Are The Roving Eye‘.