All questions to ‘Roving Eye’ are answerable, all feedback is welcome. If you wish to contact a particular photographer please include their name in the ‘subject line’ for clarity, all such messages will be forwarded as soon as they are received.. If you do not wish to use this form to contact a particular member their individual Roving Eye email addresses are listed at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

Member emails

You can use the following email addresses to contact individual ‘Roving Eye’ photographers using your own e-mail client.

  • Andrew Welford –
  • Darren Rogers –
  • David Drasdo –
  • George Norris –
  • Jason Paul Gray –
  • Kevin Rudeforth –
  • Leila Reeves –
  • Pen Lister –
  • Philip Dyson –
  • Phill Clarkson –
  • Sean Welch –
  • Steve Cobby –