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Return Of The Roving Eye

Return Of The Roving Eye

The Eye is back

Following the previously referred-to ‘fallow’ period we are pleased to announce that our first/next exhibition (with our 3 new members) will be at the Pave Bar in Hull in May 2018. With luck and hard work there will be more exhibitions and shows to add before May arrives. Thank you.

Sean Welch

Below is a selection of photographs by one of our new members Mr Sean Welch.

Pave Exhibition April 2016

Pave Exhibition April 2016


The inaugural photography exhibition by Roving Eye opened at 11am on Monday April 04 at the Pave bar, Princes Avenue, Hull, and will run until closing-time on May 02, 2016.

All (framed) prints included in the show are available to purchase for just £60 each – Please let a member of the Pave bar staff know of your wish to buy one of the prints. Unframed prints of each photograph are available to buy only from the individual photographers. *Please note that ‘purchased’ framed-prints will not be available for pick-up until May 3..

See the photographs from the Pave exhibition

Questions can be asked and feedback left via the main contact page within this website, or by contacting individual artists through their personal Roving Eye pages. Facebook users can also contact Roving Eye and our photographers at facebook.com/rovingeyes

Thank you